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Hand-tailoring websites allows us to deliver exquisite works of art to our clients: video customization, picture editing and design of individual elements are all pieces of a larger picture that is a fully functional, cutting edge and practical website.

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Web Development

Every site we create has unique nuts and bolts, individually programmed and placed in order to develop a smooth, working and reliable website.

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Utilizing unique tactics and vigorous activity on all social networks, we work assiduously to promote our clients' websites.

Why us?

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Tech Service Support

Our clients may chose to keep a specialist team tending and updating their sites' content, structure and plug-ins. We provide professional and thorough maintenance services.

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Cash in Your Stash

We offer a wide variety of services and systems that can fit into every client's wallet. Save up on advertising, design and development, yet enter with style.

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Surfing the Trends with Confidence

The second pillar, yet equally important, is the constant observation of the present market as well as the acquisition of numerous innovations to keep in track and up-to- date. Pioneering slick, smooth and functional over sluggish, unreliable and dysfunctional makes us a deadly predator in the ever-demanding market.

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Communication and Deadlines

One of the pillars of our success is the continual communication between our programming teams and clients. The exchange of information, requests and feedback is direct and prompt – we understand the rush that commands the world of today, so the fulfillment of all agreed deadlines is a priority. In a well-oiled clockwork mechanism, there is zero tolerance for tardiness.


Ryan Murphy

Owner of Murphy Baseball Performance LLC

I was referred to Alen by a friend of mine who owns a real estate business in San Antonio, Texas. When I first heard that Alen was operating out of Serbia I was skeptical. Once I had a chance to connect with Alen on Skype, I realized he was the real deal! He asked me about my goals for creating a website and I explained that I wanted to be able to create a simple but dynamic website that could tell the Murphy Baseball Performance story. My biggest challenge as a small business was obscurity in the marketplace-nobody knew who I was! Allen helped me address this challenge and created a website that ultimately helped me grow my business. As a small business owner, Alen gave me the horsepower to compete on a national scale with a custom built website that outperforms my local and regional competitors. Alen has set me up to differentiate myself to my target audience: millennials and generation X parents and athletes who are looking to take their mindset and baseball performance to the next level. Alen took me from operating out of my garage to where I am today! I would give Alen and his team my highest recommendation if you are looking to take your business to the next level.

Martin Rubinoff

Owner of Martins Field of Dreams

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Alen Mehic is a professional who cares. I have a connection with Alen who cares about giving you the best possible web site to enhance not only your business but is life changing as well. Also Alen's integrity and creativity are above approach. He is always working for you with your best interests at the forefront. His creative designs stand the test of time. I was fortunate to have Alen recommended to me he is a professional who you can trust and will make a difference in your business.

Victor Alves

Owner of ShapeUp Homes

Alen is extremely talented and detailed oriented. He will get your website done just the way you want it! Highly recommend his services.

Jesse Solano

Owner of VillaSol Insurance

AlenDesigns was amazing to work with and very affordable. Alen worked diligently to create an amazing interactive website for my online presence.


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